Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yellow and Hanky dash!

Ugh! I am a mad woman today! I have so many projects going on this week {and me being last minute on the finishing touches had today to finish them all up} can i vent for a minute: spray painting and assembling dessert stands, making christmas countdown blocks, pulling out and sorting through halloween decor, making 2 dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes, assembling 24-4 page handouts, starting to roll diapers for a diaper cake...somehow I managed to feed the kids and give them kisses in between....but they watched a lot of movies today to keep them occupied while mommy went nuts.
Briggy did do all of his worksheets, but mostly without me helping him along, I was just sitting at the table stapling and gluing my own projects---so he did a lot of painting things yellow, ripping up yellow streamers and pasting them to fun fun!
When he woke up from his nap around 4:30 I had just finished my workout and I was sweaty and gross, so I figured now was as good a time as any to get our exercise in. I had bought these bright yellow hankerchiefs awhile back, so I pulled them out and designated one side of the room "A" with a yellow cut out of A, and the other side "B" with a yellow cut out of B. I had a yellow hankerchief on each side, as well as one other color {one black and one blue} he had to run to point A, grab the right color hankerchief, then run to B and grab the other yellow hankerchief--but I was in between the two points in the middle of the room trying to grab the hankerchief from him, so he had to get past mommy! he thought this was hilarious and we are going to be playing this more often! I didnt get pictures because I was too much "in action" and I still am not quite great at remembering these things for blogging purposes! but at least my camera is working! I forgot to give the hubs a shout out for fixing it for me the other night!

Here are the links to all the work sheets Briggy colored with. Lunch was served on yellow party plate with a yello fork and yellow cup. {good thing i have such a stash of party supplies...i just about have every color!} I feel kind of guilty not working with him as much as I wanted to today, but he definitely has the color yellow down, even though he still calls it "he-woah"

Bumble Bee coloring

Bananas are YELLOW!

The Wheels on the Bus go round and round mini book! {I love being able to incorporate the letter-B and the color-yellow in all these worksheets!}

Interactive online game with all yellow objects!
Briggy loves these games!!!

I wish I could say tomorrow will be less hectic, but I know its not going to be! We are having a Halloween-inspiration activity for the ladies at my church tomorrow. They are a lot of fun family-friendly ideas. Im hoping to get some good pictures and I can post them on Friday. You can store them away and use them for any up coming Halloween/October parties you may be planning for your little ones!

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