Monday, September 6, 2010

The Letter A

Today is our first preschool lesson for the new school year! Every monday we will have a new letter of focus, today we are of course starting with A!

Here are the A worksheets we will be coloring and reviewing:
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A is for apple

(courtesy of

Letter A tracing page

(courtesy of

Transportation that starts with an A! {tracing activity}

Dot Letter and Apple Activity

A is for Ant!

(courtesty of confessionsofahomeschooler)

Our A "song" is "The Ants go Marching!" and the little project to go along with the song is this cut-out of a brown A {representing an ant hill} on green cardstock {representing grass} with brown finger prints {representing the ants} this is also a great counting activity--counting the ants marching, and their little legs. Briggy loved this so much {and Ollie--who was clapping along!} we sang it over and over again!

Here are his completed worksheets! We did some practice A's on the back, but all of these with the ants marching song, only took about 50 minutes. I planned on our "preschool" taking 2 hours, but then I remembered I the rest of the week I have a secondary activity planned, and mondays are just free coloring or whatever afterwards, because of FHE in the evening.

As we were tracing the letters for "Big A" as we traced We said "Up Up Up--Down Down Down and ACROSS!" He seemed to really understand that concept and followed the directions really well. For "little a" as we traced we said "aaaarouuuunnnndddd and down!" and he did really well with that too. on the back of the pages are a lot of his free style of the letters, and I was really impressed. After all the activities were completed I gave him one of his little notebooks and the first thing he drew was this:

okay, so at first it looked like an "H" because he didnt connect the tippy-top of the A. So I told him that the Up and Down line have to "kiss" otherwise, it was an H. So he made a line connecting them and made his "smooch" noise--cutest thing ever!

Family Home Evening:
Seeing that its Labor Day and we will be visiting friends, and then the boys will be meeting uncle Eric {who've they'll be meeting for the first time} we are going to have a quick lesson on family, and draw pictures for Uncle Eric's arrival. Our hymn will be "Families Can Be Together Forever" Not as structured as a regular FHE, but next week we'll be back on track!

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