Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 1 Review!

Our schedule was put off a few hours today due to Brighams speech therapy session, then lunch, then nap. So we actually didnt do the activity until he woke up after 4pm! night school, if you will!

We went over and talked about each activity that he did this week. That took a little bit of time, as we discussed what was going on in the picture, what he liked most about it, etc.
We of course had to sing the Ants go marching song a few times!
We also re-read the Caterpillar book. Briggy and Ollie really enjoy story time, and Briggy loves the interactive nature of sticker books.
Then our craft project was using each element we learned this week.

Apples for A, the number 1, the color red and circles.

With my cricut (I love this machine with all my heart, and it has made my crafting and now preschool-craft making life soooo much easier!) but of course these items can be made by good ol fashion cutting out, or using some punches.

I cut out different sized RED CIRCLES and green leaves and number ONES. I also cut out the word APPLES.

We were able to make apples using all the concepts we learned this week! I dont know if I'll luck out every week with such an easy activity, but this week was pretty great!

We played just for fun "hot apple" {same as hot potato but with an apple} with the apple that would be his early evening snack. We sang the song "Red Apple, Red Apple, as red as can be--for mommy loves briggy {throw it to briggy fast} and briggy loves me {briggy throws it back to mommy fast} I remember singing that in kindergarten myself :)

I don't have any pretty colored file folders to start my file folder projects with, nor is my EXPENSIVE Xyron 900 working {I have read a million reviews...all positive, I dont know what it is with mine {or if its me being dumb as a brick} but I have not had any success with it! The adhesive and double sided laminate cartridges have messed up on me every time I've tried. Now they are stuck together and I cant even get it to load. No one I am friends with locally has one, so Im out of luck and ideas on how to fix it and figure out whats going on. (online tutorials dont really seem to address the issues im having either!)
I do have some regular manila folders that I think I might just whip one up for practice tonight and I will post the result when the boys are down for the night. I made some pdf files of the apples, instructions and folder cover that you can use.
I have lots of very cute cricut images I could cut to make some folders, and I probably will as soon as I get the colorful file folders--but I realize alot of you don't have the machine, and printing and cutting out the images works for most people. It's also easier, which I am all about these days! Maybe once a month I'll make one super cutesy one, and the rest of the folders will be nice, but not as crafty and labor intensive....
Here's the link!

I'll post the finished product late tonight or tomorrow morning, so you can get an idea of what it'll look like put together. Hopefully the instructions make sense to you all!

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