Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All about Orange!

Today our focus was the color orange. I had originally "scheduled in my head" the weeks based on ROYGBIV and then on the 8th week have a rainbow activity, but when it came down to the wire a couple weeks ago I decided to swap the yellow and orange. We did yellow last week and it went perfect with the bananas and bus theme that I worked on with Briggy, and when you mix red {week one} and yellow {week 2} you get ORANGE {for today!} I have a painting activity planned to do when Briggy wakes up from his nap. We played outside a little too long for "exercise" today, and ran out of time. We did color all of our worksheets and played an orange game!

Here are the links to the orange pages {they are mostly coloring pages of fruits and veggies that are orange}

Color Orange and Practice Writing

Pumpkin 1
Pumpkin 2

Online game of Orange

A ton of Orange-related ideas

Since today is the first day of Fall {90 degrees in texas. boohoo.} and orange is such an essential fall color I showed pictures of fall trees to Brigham online. I showed him where we used to live and photos of 2 falls ago, even before baby Ollie was born when we went to Vermont and saw the most beautiful trees.
Okay, heres the pic...only because it makes me so happy and sad all in one. I am a New England girl TRULY missing her Autumn weather and foilage...

Me, Tom, Briggy in Bjorn, My best friend Alisa. Behind us: The Autumnal Glory of Vermont!

The trees don't turn those colors here in least not the small farming town we live in. Sigh. So I told Briggy about Jack Frost and how he starts to go to work this time of year painting the leaves orange, yellow and red. I told him that Jack needed help in Texas, so we needed to make a magic fall wand.
I cut out a few scraps of different colored ribbon. I laid them all out and Briggy had to pick only the ribbon that had orange on it. Then I hot-glued the ribbon to a big popsicle stick that briggy had colored orange. Now he needs to work his magic and turn all the leaves and trees around him orange!

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