Monday, September 20, 2010

The Letter C and CTR

Can I be completely honest with you? I am a total goof and looked at the wrong monday and did "D" for today instead of "C" Ugh! What a dope! Anyway, in keeping with order, I am going to post the C activities we were SUPPOSED to do, but I dont have any completed or interactive preschool photos.

Letter C practice and coloring worksheet

Cat coloring page

Uppercase C
Lowercase C
{both courtesty of --scroll through the file to the C and c pages}

Candy Corn worksheet {we will glue candy corn into the shape of the C as well as snack on some!}

Magnet, Dot or sticker page--C is for Cowboy

C tracing page

Itsy Bitsy Book--C

{the following FHE lesson plan is from it out for tons of ideas and links to hymns and lesson manuals for this particular activity}

Choose the Right

Family Home Evening Lesson

Opening Song: "Choose the Right Way" Children's Songbook #160

Opening Prayer : Child

Scripture: 2 Nephi 2:27

Lesson: Mom

This lesson based on 'Freedom to Choose' chapt 4, Gospel Principles, pg 17

God tells us through his prophets that we are free to choose between GOOD and EVIL. We may choose eternal life by following Jesus Christ. We can also choose captivity by following Satan.

When we choose to do right things it makes Heavenly Father and our parents happy. When you do some Right things it makes it easier to do MORE right things. When we live according to God's plan for us we grow in faith, power, knowledge, and all other good things.

If we keep the commandments and make right choices we will become like Him.


Have a bowl with different choices in it (eg stickers, small toys, chocolate etc) Let each child choose something from the bowl. Talk about how in life we make choices EVERY DAY. We hope that they will make good or right choices.

Play Tic Tac Toe/Naughts and Crosses - demonstrating how we can choose when our turn

Show pictures from gospel art kit or elsewhere of GOOD Choices - Going to church, children helping others, saying prayers, Cleaning their room, drawing/playing nicely etc

Make or color CTR rings/shields

Closing Song: "Dare to do Right" Children's Songbook #158

Closing Prayer: Child


A bowl of treats to choose from!

The activity ideas and others can be found here at the Choose the Right Lesson Primary 2 Lesson Manual

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  1. I came across your blog looking for letter C activities and I'm so happy you included your FHE lesson! We're still trying to encorporate FHE in our lives, so thanks! And please forgive me for stealing it.. . .