Friday, April 6, 2012

Learning Resources Froggy Feeding Fun Activity Giveaway!

I have a few things planned for the spring as far as units--Garden, Pondlife, Flowers...Im really looking forward to getting things together and sharing with you all. When I was looking through the newer Learning Resources catalog I came across the Froggy Feeding Fun game, and when I saw it I KNEW we had to have it! My boys LOVE FROGS, especially Oliver our almost 3 year old! MomMomOnTheGo and SecondTimeAround are both hosting a giveaway for this game, so Im entering and hoping to win, but if I dont...I'd love for you to win! Doesn't this look like such a fun game? I really love how it helps with fine motor, something we're really working on with Mr. Oliver
Here's the link to enter---Good Luck!

Yea!! I have great news! Second Time Around is also hosting a $50 Educational Insights gift card if you don't win the Froggy game, maybe you'll still have a chance to get some EI goodies! Here is the direct link to enter the gift card giveaway, good luck!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Duper Publications Giveaway!

"Sharon and Thomas Webber founded Super Duper® Publications in 1986 with two products and two types of stickers.
Sharon started creating easy-to-use therapy materials while working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the public schools. Thomas was a practicing attorney before focusing his talents on developing therapy materials also. Fast forward 25 years - today, we're making hundreds of creative, colorful educational and therapy materials that you and your children will love. (Believe it or not, we have as much fun making them as your kids will have learning with them!)"

Briggys former OT that is now seeing Oliver---who is wonderful! has given 2 thumbs up on this company. She was raving about their products. I was lucky enough to win a few of their games a couple months ago, and Take It From Me is offering more games to win!
These are great learning tools for little wins--so go and enter! Good Luck!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learning Resources AlphaPop Giveaway!

In the Ice Cream unit post I raved about Learning Resources Rainbow Color Cones game--I found a chance for you to win another great Learning Resources game. *Almost* Ice Cream related--if you were to do a Icecream/Popsicle Unit this would be PERFECT! They are called AlphaPops! Arent they adorable? I love how everything of theirs is of course, #1: Educational, but #2 Super Super Cute. I love Cutesy, thats just me!
Anyway, a great mommy blogger *Moms Balancing Act* {one who I have been following for a LONGGGGGGG time and actually won a great Melissa and Doug pattern it from!} is hosting this giveaway! Check it out! and GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I is for Ice Cream!

Last week we had SO MUCH FUN with Letter I. I feel a little bit bad for letter J, because I dont think Jam is going to live up to lasts week's excitement--but I'll do my best!

Okay, Monday started off with Family Home Evening: I am a Child of God

Tuesday was an interesting day because we had one of our ECI Developmental therapists stop in to work with Oliver {2 1/2--I had a few concerns of him being a tad bit behind, and wanted him to get a little extra help} Since I knew I was going to be a bit pre-occupied, I wanted to create a work-box system for Briggy to use on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since I need to really have one-on-one focus time with Oliver for at least 30 minutes. Ive been researching worboxes for awhile, and although I thought they were a neat idea, they just werent applicable for me last year since Briggy was only just turning 3 and he had me working with him the entire time.
I know my workbox system isnt conventional, but it works for us. In box #1 {Tuesday} Briggy had Letter I practice writing, Letter I words writing, and Short I/Long I worksheets and game, Hot Dots letter I flash cards and an Ice Cream Cone Alphabet Match game
Here are some pics and links!

Letter I worksheets:
{Ive been really impressed with Briggy staying much better in the lines lately!}

Ice Cream Alphabet Match/Number Match

Here is the link to quite a few activities to choose from:

Long I/Short I worksheets:
Long I/Short I sorting game: {page 14}
Heres another one!

We love Hot Dots Jr:
For the workbox, I just pulled about 5-6 cards that had I's in them

Worbox 2 included: Ice Cream Patterns, Ice Cream Colors, Rainbow Ice Cream Cone Game! The Ice Cream cone number match {I posted above!} I-spy bags

Rainbow Color Cones from Learning Resources! {Mini-Review}

I LOVE LOVE all the Smart Snacks games. We have the Cookie and Cupcake one as well. Santa did some shopping at Learning Resources this year!

What's great about this game is the color recognition. Its so educational and lots of fun! Oliver and Briggy play nicely with it--When Oliver is playing we use the color scoop side {like shown in the picture} But when its just Briggy and Mommy, you can flip the scoops over and they have the written word of the color, so its more thought-provoking for the older crew. I've been so happy with this game, we played it every day last week!

More Ice Cream Color Review:
I-spy bags:

What I planned to do on Friday, but it fell threw because we held an playgroup instead {bad mama! i need to incorporate more math next week!}
Ice Cream Shapes: I planned to cut out from construction paper: triangles {cones} circles {scoops of icecream-cherry} smaller rectangles and stars {sprinkles} and have the boys glue and put together their own icecream cones. Im so bummed we didnt end up doing it!
Ice Cream Math: I wanted to do some sort of simple "Ice Cream Scoop Addition" game with Briggy--I never ended up making a separate game for it, but I just used the alphabet scoops to play an im-promtu game of it instead....
Heres a couple ideas, or a template of the ice cream and scoops if you wanted to make your own game:

For Signing Time we made sure to Sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" EVERY DAY {many times over and over.....One of Oliver's faves!} I found this AWESOOMMMMMMMMEEE website that has great clip art. I laminated the Itsy Bitsy Spider characters, added some velcro and Ta-da! perfect for our circle time felt board!
Hey.....My Itsy Bitsy Spider is missing! I bet Oliver snagged it off the board! Little Stinker!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where's G and H?!

Sorry for being MIA. I really underestimated how much I had to get done and all the projects I wanted to accomplish for Christmas with the boys, and blogging just didnt happen! Now that everything has calmed down, I plan on following one of my new years resolutions---to stay as consistent as possible with this blog, because it helps me keep focused on homeschooling!
For letter G we did a fun Gingerbread unit and crafts and "H" was the week after christmas and we honestly didnt do much other than play with lots of the educational Christmas toys and we had a lesson "Happy New Year" where we colored a picture with new years hats and I talked about the calendar and how we were starting the new year with January 2012. I'll be adding more calendar time/circle time info soon as we are starting our group preschool on wednesdays with friends. I'm pretty excited about featuring that on Wednesdays, because each week a new mother {teacher} is in charge of the lesson, and Im excited for the fresh approach on the lesson. The preschool is geared towards the younger children 2-3, although my son Brigham {almost 4} will be in the group.

We have been working on Letter I this week--Ice Cream. I hope to get the post with all the links up tomorrow! I'll also be sharing a review for a super fun and educational Icecream themed game the boys got for Christmas :)

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Letter F

There was a lot of activities and themes I didnt cover this week with Letter F. Thats okay though, Im starting the alphabet over AGAIN once we finish--so theres always next time! Because of the Christmas season we just focused on F for Family/Families are Forever theme.

Sunday/FHE: Families Can Be Together Forever!