Thursday, September 9, 2010

Circle Time!

Circle Street Printable
Here is another transportation-themed activity. Just like the number one that you were able to laminate, this street is in the shape of a circle. The cars can go ROUND AND ROUND like a circle!

Pick the circle activity!

Tracing Circle Worksheet

I made my own circle snack activity! Its my first attempt at a PDF file, so hopefully this works!

The Circle Song!
A circle, a circle, (draw in the air)
Draw it round and fat. (use index finger to draw circle in the air)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Draw it for a hat. (draw a circle in the air overhead)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Draw it just for me. (draw in the air)
A circle, a circle, (repeat action)
Now jump and count to three: One! Two! Three!

Circle Caterpillar Craft (to segue into the hungry caterpillar book we'll be reading)

I chose the caterpillar book for a couple reasons--I had recently bought it online when it was clearanced really low and had free shipping along with a whole bunch of halloween books---so it was "new" to briggy and not a holiday theme---most all of the fruit the caterpillar eats are "circle fruits" and the ending of the books shows how the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly....guess what one of the B week activity is? BUTTERFLIES! so that will start on monday, but for friday's recap lesson, we will most likely be re-reading the hungry caterpillar book!

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