Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Number #1 and Sensory play

Today we are reviewing the number ONE and having a sensory-play activity. I am trying to incorporate the same themes through the week {apples, ants, transportation}
I didn't want to do just one item {like apples} this year, I thought I'd spice things up a bit with a few different options. The first go-around with Briggy we just did the one {apples} and it got a little boring!

Number One Street Printable

This is a fun activity that you'll need to pull out a toy car or two. Its a large printable of a number ONE that looks like street. They can race their car up and down and trace the number one!
I would recommend laminating this page, so you can use it over and over without any rips!
(here is the LINK if you'd like the printable to save in, and just print on a black piece of cardstock)

Spelling ONE practice

Dot ONE activity

One matching worksheet

One tracing activity

More number practice! {courtesty of}
(this includes up to 20, so if you are wanting to print only the one, make sure you select only the first page to print!)

For our sensory activity, I pulled out my big ol' bucket of beans. Normally Im the type to make things cute, but I havent decorated this popcorn bucket yet--its functional, just not pretty!
We have a puzzle with each number, so I hid a few and made sure to include the ONE..he had to dig through and find it. Then I just hid some other objects because he likes to dig around.
We also placed one bean on each circle in the dot activity printable!

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