Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Color Red and Exercise {til you're red in the face!}

Red things I see!
I had several different cutouts of items half with red, half with other colors, Briggy had to paste all the Red things he could find.

red dot activity

Color sorting activity:

I had 8 pompoms {four red, four other colors} and since briggy is big into scooping with shovels or spoons, he had to scoop all the red pom poms and put them on the red spot, and the colors that were not red, on the brown spot. He like that game--played it a few times. He really liked putting the wrong color on the red spot and shaking his head saying "no no no! nah {not} hed {red} for some reason, hes replacing the "h" sound for a lot of the beginning consonants in words....especially his colors. working the beginning sounds A LOT with him lately....hes been focusing so much on the ending sounds, that he seems to have forgotten, or not really cared about the beginning. Oh, Brigs!

We will be reading "The Little Red Hen" online {from a great resource, that website was recommended by one of Briggy's developmental therapists, and he LOVES all of the content on the site, and thinks he is a total big shot sitting at the computer in the "spinny" chair!

After the story we will be creating our own 'little red hen'
materials used:
small red party plate
red cardstock that we traced briggy's hand prints on
scissors to cut out shapes
glue or staples to adhere hand feathers, face, etc.
triangle and heart for face "pieces" and buttons for eyes!

We read from Exodus about how Moses parted the Red Sea and how they were able to walk through. {Exodus 14:21-22}

Red Sea Acitivity 1

Red Sea Activity 2

Our fun exercise activity got us jumping all around! I used different colored felt pieces and Briggy had to try and jump and land on only the RED ones. When Briggy wakes up from his nap this afternoon he will get to eat yummy red jello for a snack!

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