Monday, September 13, 2010

The Letter B!

The letter B is a big deal in our home. Briggy says "D" as b almost in every word except: bubble, ball and boo! it has been a talked about issue with the speech therapist every since we started. We have tried lots of things, and for some reason we can't break the "habit" he's formed with the d-sound. Its really frustrating! We will be playing a game that the therapist recommended by tossing things back and forth and making a song using B with the variety of following vowels, "bahh, beyyy, buuu, biiiih" and we repeat the sounds back and forth to eachother. when we do games like that and are looking him face to face, he seems to have the most success.

Briggy really loves Butterflies and Bumble Bees, so those are our main B activities, but also balls and bubbles during playtime. I tried to find something on transportation to sort of stick with the theme from last week and found a couple boat activities.

Here are the activity sheets that I printed off for Briggy to work on. I dont know WHAT I did to our camera, but I can't get the batteries to work in it! I charged them over night and it still says low battery when I load them in the camera, and it just shuts right off. I've tried different outlets---its a pretty new camera! hopefully I'll get to the bottom of it. I have such bad luck with cameras!

Heres a link to ALL of Erica's {confessionsofahomeschooler} B activities. She has a TON! I only did a couple because I really want to laminate a lot of her printables so I can reuse them, and well....still havent figured out how to fix my xyron. GRR! I think I might take a lot of to-be-laminated papers to a local Christian store that laminates for super super super cheap.

Tracing Upper and Lowercase Bb

Tracing Bb and letter-sound-object recognition worksheet

Little Letter B book!
(instructions on little book assembly)

Practice B writing, and choosing B sounds worksheet

B is for Boat!

The Smallest Object-B words

Hug-a-bug Song!
Hug a Bug
Hug a bug,
Hug a bug,
But don't EVER
hug a bee!
It might sting
your nose,
your hand,
or your knee.

Bumble Bee coloring page

Bb dot-a-dot activity {}

Family Home Evening Activity!

Pres. Hinckley's 9 B's coloring sheet, creating a bumble bee out of a toliet paper roll...and a honey-licious treat. I hope when Tom gets home he can get the camera working so I can show pictures!
More activities based on the "B's"

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