Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Number Two and Sensory Acitivity

Today we did a lot of practice worksheets on how to write the number 2, as well as picking out sets of 2 worksheets. Ever since I introduced paints to Briggy last week....hes been asking to "haint" {again with the H sound! ergh!} constantly!
The dot-to-dot activities I originally used a circle paintbrush {until he broke it...} and today we just used our fingers and a regular small paintbrush. I am going to purchase some of those specialty markers soon {and possibly a giveaway....} because they seem fun and a staple with a lot of the moms of blogs I check out.

Number 2 coloring page. I liked this one because the star is a good size to cut out after colored and make a badge with it or attach it to a popsicle stick for a magic wand!

Practice writing 2!

Tracing and finding sets of 2
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4 {scroll to 2nd page!}

#2 Dot activity

I have to brag for a second--look at these 2's Briggy made on his own! he made a lot of scribbles too, but this page was AMAZING!!!!

Last night when I was picking and choosing the worksheets to print out, I came across this name tracing page:

I thought to myself "No way in heck they'll have Brigham, but maybe Oliver..." I checked for the heck of it, and HOLY MOLY! they had Brigham! How crazy!?! I wouldnt have expected that since its such an unusual name {unless you are in Utah, and even then its not that common!} My friend's son has an unusual name too, Cade, and she just told me that they have Cade too! So whether or not your child has a popular name, or an uncommon name--you just may be in LUCK!

Sensory Activity

I came across a recipe for GAK! awhile back that I wanted to try but it used Borax and some other ingredients that I didnt have lying around...but knew Briggy would love that, and it would be a great sensory activity for him. I found a website that had a recipe that only used cornstarch and water {and food coloring if you wanted} to make this bizarre gooey concoction! Ewgh! It is so weird. Chalky and dry, but gooey and runny all at once. It still amazes me at 26! I used to love playing with the "real" stuff back in the 90s, but I think this homemade recipe is pretty darn fun!

Gak/Goop Recipe

Materials Needed

4 parts cornstarch
1 part water
(Can add coloring)

What To Do

Add water gradually to cornstarch. Stir with fingers.

Gak Play:

This mixture is great fun for those children who love to play in the mud -- but it avoids the filth factor! The "Gak" will provide a variety of interesting textures and consistencies. It will be solid and chalky in some places, runny and oozy in others.

The Gak is great fun on its own. But to extend play (or enliven it on another day), you might add big mixing spoons, a sieve or sifter, little cups or dishes, measuring utensils, or washable plastic toys.

Adding a little food coloring or Liquid Watercolor to the Gak and allowing children to mix it in is another great way to extend play. Do two colors and turn it into a "science" experiment about color mixing.

A great feature of this material is that, when the little spills on floor and table top dry, you just sweep them up. Teacher Annie tells me that you can save your tub of Gak, and that when it dries out, you can simply add more water! Very economical this way.

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