Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So we started in October.....

Yea! after a little bit of complication in August, I was induced September 7th and we welcomed baby #3, Henry Thomas! He is so crazy adorable--he looks just like Briggy looked when he was a newbie, but I have to say he is starting to look even more like his father now that we've hit the 1 month mark!

I started full blown scheduled preschool with the boys {but mostly just Briggy} on Monday, October 3rd. I really needed the first month with Henry to take it easy since I've been zombie momma with all the feedings! Phew! I re-organized my "craft room" and turned it into half craft room half preschool room. I still need to get some organizational bins in cute colors to put on the shelves and fill them with all my overflow of craft supplies and preschool doo-dads, but other than that I'm pretty much all done and organized {finally! it should have been a 1-2 day project but it ended up taking me a WEEK!}

This skinny little closet holds office "bank boxes" that I just covered with scrapbook paper. I saw the idea to use shoe holders on the back of a door for supplies on pinterest---awesome idea. I like not having to rumage through the art supply box for all my quick go-to items.

Right now we have a calendar up and a weather chart. Im hoping to get some of the spice racks at IKEA {they are only $3-4!} and hang a few up on that wall as well and have them hold the books we are currently reading for the Letter week and the season. Right now we are reading LOTS of halloween books. My boys are SOOOOOO excited for trick-or-treating this year!
heres a link to the idea here:

We also have a "redone" chalkboard/whiteboard easel that I snagged for a few dollars at our community garage sale. The white board part was so beat up that I covered it with white felt to make into a felt board. I like have that for stories. I dont have too many felt cut outs yet--iron on transfer paper is my next purchase. My friend has tons of scripture story felt pieces that she has let me borrow, so its gotten a little use so far!

On the other wall in between the bedrooms and before the playroom we have a White board that I hang up the scripture of the week. I hadn't printed it out when I took this picture, so its just the "All About Me" picture that they had worked on that day. I have written out what we are doing that week to get them excited for the next day! Below the board is our "Bee-havior" chart. I found these cute little bee cutouts in the clearance bin at Michaels over the summer and knew they'd be the perfect visual for Gordon B Hinckley's 6 Be's {Be Humble, Be Prayerful, Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be True, Be Clean} They each get a bumble-bee sticker when Daddy gets home after we talk about our day {and if they've been good!}

In our Playroom we made our very own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree! We will be adding a letter a week to the tree and we do a Chicka activity each week as well.

Trial and Error is really shaping our schedule right now. Ive tested out a couple ideas last year, and trying some new ones this year. I like doing a letter of the week as a focus, but Briggy is more k-4 right now so I need to amp it up. This is how our week goes {granted its only week 3, so we'll see if I change things or not...}

Sunday: Sabbath Day School {He has sunday school at church, but when we get home to keep the reverence going Im staring a binder up for him that has this LDS preschool curriculum in it--A was for Adam, B was for baptism and this week is C for Creation}
Monday: Playgroup with friends @ 10am, Family Home evening {lesson, activity, treat} when Daddy gets home {based on the letter topic from Sunday {unless a holiday or seasonal lesson is appropriate}
Tuesday: Letters and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom reading and activity
Wednesday: Math, Numbers, Shapes
Thursday: Depending on errands/appointments. We have more of an "educational game" time from 10-12
Friday: Art project {Color focus} and Briggy's pick

Briggy really loves the Preschool Packs from Homeschool Creations and 2 Teaching Mommies, so he likes to work on those on Tuesday and Friday especially}

Tomorrow I will have posts for the specific A, B and C worksheets etc that we did, so you can click, explore and print yourself! Thanks for checking in!