Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Counting to 3 and Texture Tuesday!

Phew! back on track today with the CORRECT lesson, just way late posting it. When naps get pushed back, and groceries need to be bought and episodes of Glee and The Duggars need to be watched....Im posting at 11pm! I need to get on top of things! My best friend is getting married and I am heading out back East for the preparations and wedding next week...and well, ive got lots to do and on my mind. Like how am I going to clean my house enough so my Mother-in-law isn't mortified at the slob her son married! {okay, its not that bad, but i've seriously been slacking the past 2 weeks...}
Anyway, here are lots of 3 worksheets. Im kind of excited to get through 10 so I can start doing more activities that use all the numbers. There are alot of great ideas out there, but they are more for general numbers and math and not so much specific numbers. So the worksheets are pretty repetitive, but its been good for Briggy. He's only 2 1/2 so he really needs the repetition for it to become well-known and remembered in his little noggin.

Practice Tracing 3
Coloring and Tracing {and it was a C word! {cloud} love it!}
More Coloring and Tracing!

Finding sets of 3 and more tracing!

Sets of 3
#3 {page 3}

The "sensory" activity was a little different today. I had a 3 story compilation book from when I was a little girl that we read today. It had the 3 little pigs, 3 little kittens and 3 little bears. I actually found it for sale online at amazon, but Its not in print anymore. I always really liked that book since I got three stories read to me for the price of one :)

{heres the link, its going for $ you can find a different book. maybe I should sell mine? haha}
The sensory activity revolved around the story of the 3 little bears. I had 3 pails. 1 was filled with raffia {straw} the second with pipecleaners {sticks---we dont have any trees in our little subdivision yard. so sad} and lastly, lego "bricks"
Briggy had to guess which one was what as we read through, and afterwards he had lots of fun building his houses, and even more fun watching me *try* to blow them down.
Do I have pictures? No. I want to cry. I am so bad at this! Im all excited putting these activities together and I always forget :( then we're in the middle of it upstairs and I hate to leave him half way through {because I know hes going to destroy whatever it is by the time I find the camera} Seriously, I to just put it in my pocket in the mornings. I am so disapointed in myself! Its kind of boring just reading a blog with no pictures. I am normally a very visual person, so I appreciate when other bloggers post pictures. I feel like I have a better understanding of what they are doing.
Anyway, I solemnly promise to snap photos from now on. Promise, to all 2 of you that happen to read these daily entries!

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