Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brigham turned 3!!

The night before the party, Briggy was our cupcake taste-tester. Notice the shaggy crazy hair? That night we FINALLY convinced him that he REALLY needed a hair cut. Any other time we tried to talk him into it he would "I dont want to cut my hair, it looks amaaaazing!!!" hahaha.

Here is the party table minus the plate of candied rice krispie treats! {oops! those were a last minute add on right before guests arrived!}

Here are a few random shots of the kiddies playing and eating!

A special thank you to Grandma Tina who helped out SOOO MUCH! Thanks to all our friends who came and played and gave Brigham such fun presents! We are so grateful to have such fun friends!!!


  1. What a fun party! I am your newest follower! Love the colors and your son is so precious! :)