Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where's G and H?!

Sorry for being MIA. I really underestimated how much I had to get done and all the projects I wanted to accomplish for Christmas with the boys, and blogging just didnt happen! Now that everything has calmed down, I plan on following one of my new years resolutions---to stay as consistent as possible with this blog, because it helps me keep focused on homeschooling!
For letter G we did a fun Gingerbread unit and crafts and "H" was the week after christmas and we honestly didnt do much other than play with lots of the educational Christmas toys and we had a lesson "Happy New Year" where we colored a picture with new years hats and I talked about the calendar and how we were starting the new year with January 2012. I'll be adding more calendar time/circle time info soon as we are starting our group preschool on wednesdays with friends. I'm pretty excited about featuring that on Wednesdays, because each week a new mother {teacher} is in charge of the lesson, and Im excited for the fresh approach on the lesson. The preschool is geared towards the younger children 2-3, although my son Brigham {almost 4} will be in the group.

We have been working on Letter I this week--Ice Cream. I hope to get the post with all the links up tomorrow! I'll also be sharing a review for a super fun and educational Icecream themed game the boys got for Christmas :)

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