Monday, November 21, 2011


Finally! I finally can post. Just when I started really getting in the swing of things with preschool our COMPUTER DIES! Luckily we were only without for a couple weeks and now we have one up and running. Needless to say the dynamic of preschool changed since most of the worksheets and activities I use are print outs. Lesson learned: I will print out lesson plans week in a advance instead of the night before....just in case something like that ever happens again. I wanted to post some links to great Thanksging and Autumn themed ideas I've been working on with the boys and plan to work on this week. Then I'll be on the hunt for lots and lots of fun Christmas ideas!





5. Turkey Counting worksheet:

6. Turkey color-by-letter:

7. Turkey Crafts:

I'll post a few more when we finish them up tomorrow and wednesday!

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