Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letter E week

For the letter E we are focusing on: Elephants and for Sunday and FHE: Enoch

Sunday and FHE:

E is for Enoch

Elephant Worksheets and Activities:




4.Go, Diego, Go! Elephant mask {printable}

Elephant Stamping/Bingo {courtesy of}
Elephant Stamping Game
[Math, Literacy]
Write a letter or numeral on each elephant, and make a copy for each child. Children will draw a number or letter card from a stack (or roll a die), find that letter/numeral on their mat, and stamp it out. You can use rubber stamps or bingo dot markers. As an alternative, you can have children draw an “X” over the elephant if stamps or bingo dot markers are not available.

Elephant Ears snack. This is such a cinch they can help make it--and wooohoo! allergy-free so Ollie can eat it :)

Other E ideas:

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