Friday, July 29, 2011

Pre-K Pirates!

This summer I have continued doing homeschool-preschool without a consistent schedule. We havent been following a curriculum, I've just been asking the boys what they want to do do--and then I find fun activities in whatever theme they want. All this week my oldest, Brigham, has been begging me about pirates. They started watching that cute pirate cartoon on Disney Jr and now thats all they talk about! I've been printing all things things pirate this week to get ready for next weeks activities. Here is what I've found so far:

One of my favorite printable/idea sites is Homeschool Creations. She has a Pirate Lapbook printable that we will be working on starting monday.

I just recently came across another new website that has some great printable, 2 Teaching Mommies. I just downloaded their Pirate unit today and as it was coming off the printer the boys saw it and we had to do a trial run of one of the games this morning!

This was the first graphing activity we've ever done and it was really fun! I'll be doing these more often! Just a little advice: I glued the dice as directed, but the glue stick didnt hold up to my 3 hear old's tossing, so I taped the heck out of it as well.....and I laminated the chart so I can re-use it. I have had my eye on the Do-a-dot markers for awhile, but havent gotten around to ordering them. I was at the Dollar Tree the other day picking up some supplies, and came across Bingo Markers. I thought these would be perfect for activities. They are fun, but when we used them on the laminate they remained wet and messy---so I wont be marking them on laminated sheets again. Just a little FYI :)

For a fun artsy craft, I saw these cute paper plate pirates and knew the boys would love to make them. Just adorable! {And I already have all the supplies which is a bonus!}

I plan on doing a treasure hunt next friday, but I havent figured out the details of it yet. We may invite some neighborhood kids over to get some interaction {we've been cooped up in the house because it is SO DANG HOT HERE IN TEXAS!} As soon as I get some ideas together, I'll post.

If I can get my act together, I have been reallllllllllllllly wanting to learn how to make decorated sugar cookies. I swoon over these whenever I see them posted on party blogs. They are just SO COOL!!!! When I popped on facebook today, I saw a link to these and now I know its meant to be! They match the craft perfectly! I really want to try my hand at these, so maybe I'll be daring enough sometime this week....
We actually dont have any pirate books! crazy. I was on the lookout for some at the Goodwill last weekend but no such luck :( I may order one from Amazon today {love the free 2 day shipping--through amazon mom}

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  1. The pirate unit you have started looks like tooo much fun! I loved reading about your ideas. Thank you for adding my button to your cute blog!