Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why we're MIA.....

since coming back home from my trip, i started potty training briggy and he will soon have his adneiod removed---so things have been crazy and i decided on not having the structured preschool until the week following his surgery {november 8} we've been doing a lot of potty, pumpkin and halloween related activities---but thats about it. If you happen to read this entry, know that there will be more info and worksheets to come--and if you had a minute, pray for my little briggy---we're hoping this surgery will help him in all the speech and behavioral delays he's experiencing.
thank you!
kelly tillotson

ps- to all of you blogger moms that homeschool multiple children, are immaculate homemakers, have side businesses that you run online....and have time to blog daily---i really look up to you and want to know where the HECK YOU FIND YOUR TIME?! I am really struggling with getting all the work together online, let alone teaching it to him, taking care of my younger one, cleaning the house {sort of} and then at the end of the day having the energy to blog about it, when all i want to do is curl up with my hub, popcorn and watch real housewives. I would love to know your secrets!!!

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