Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am a momma to 2 fantastic toddler-aged boys. Well, one honest-to-goodness toddler, Brigham who is 2 1/2 and my little guy who I suppose is considered a toddler {13 months} but is still my little baby! After calling on Occupational, Behavioral and Speech therapists a year ago, Brigham {aka Briggy} was diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder which went hand in hand with his 6 month delay of speech. I felt like I had been a very hands-on mom from the beginning, but this catapuletd my efforts in helping Brigham as best as I could {along with wonderful therapists} to get him speaking and behaving better socially. Every day for hours and hours I would scour online for different activities, printables, books, etc. that not only addressed his "sensory" needs {that all kiddies need to some degree} but would get him to be excited about language and see it as a fun "game" For the past six months we have been primarily focusing on the alphabet--recognition of the letter, sound, matching letter to item, etc. and he has done LEAPS AND BOUNDS better with his attention to focus and understanding of the topic, as well as verbal communication. I am by no means a professional on the matter, so If anyone who is, that is reading something I explain--feel free to correct me! I have gathered a wealth of information from professionals, and other regular moms either homeschooling, or teaching their children with sensory disorders. This blog is meant to be a gathering of ideas and printables that I have found to be fun and helpful for my sons, as well as a daily blog of adventures and findings. All opinions and ideas are welcome as long as they are friendly and helpful!

August 31st I am hosting my church's playgroup for the toddler-aged kids and it is "ABC" themed. I planned on "kicking off" our families "school time" September 6th as well as this blog. I hope my ideas and links to great resources will be helpful to you and your little ones!


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  1. Seriously cute stuff! You have some really good ideas that I will be using. Want me to feature you on my blog? Seriously?? I will!!